remade this just to vent once in a while or reblog stuff if i find anything that’s really freaking important or something. so, here’s the venting:

In Brazil, there’s this law that people want to pass that would legalize hormone therapy and srs without psychological evaluation or anything like that. Argentina just approved a law that allows anyone to change their legal gender without having to do anything else. And people are celebrating it. i don’t know what the fuck these people think when they see this ridiculously fast progress the gender identity thing is making in the law, but all i can think of is MEN IN WOMEN’S PRISONS, men preying in women’s bathrooms, men making the rates of rape and murder committed by “women” rise, etc etc etc. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it, they can do whatever atrocities men like to do, because the law says they’re women. This is scary. I’m so scared and so sad. This, plus the news that Marina Silva might very well win the presidential election in Brazil, being an evangelical homophobe, it kills me. So much scary stuff is happening. And there’s nowhere I can say these things, no one I can talk to about it, because OH MY, transphobia.